#unmuseoalminuto: a large digital clock in the ADI Design Museum to celebrate the creativity and expertise of Italian companies This permanent installation is a metaphor for the stratification of corporate culture over time and tells the story of more than 110 corporate museums and business archives A large digital clock that, with the passing of […]

Museimpresa 20th Anniversary

The Museimpresa Association was founded on October 15, 2001 by Assolombarda and Confindustria with the aim of promoting and showcasing companies that choose to prioritize culture in their communication strategy, and that view cultural investments as a modern tool for economic development and an added value for the company itself. At the turn of the […]

Nel Tempo di una Storia

“Nel tempo di una storia” (In the Time of a Story) is an original account of the industrial and cultural heritage preserved in the museums and archives of Italian companies. Corporate museums and business archives will be celebrated through the story told by creative director and acclaimed photographer Simone Bramante – known as Brahmino on […]


Stories of business archives and corporate museums What are museums today and how do they work? How have these places evolved in Italy and Europe where culture is preserved, explored and communicated? How has the concept of corporate culture changed since the post-war period? How significant is this when it comes to the perceived value […]