“Nel tempo di una storia” (In the Time of a Story) is an original account of the industrial and cultural heritage preserved in the museums and archives of Italian companies.
Corporate museums and business archives will be celebrated through the story told by creative director and acclaimed photographer Simone Bramante – known as Brahmino on the Instagram profile of his blog “What Italy Is,” which promotes the beauty of Italy by exploring destinations off the beaten track – with the goal of turning them into new cult destinations.
Objects, documents, images, photographs and films are turned into Instagram stories that reveal a unique heritage, an expression of Italian culture and creativity that illustrates the history and value of Italy’s production and businesses.
This tour around Italy will visit the corporate museums and business archives which are part of Museimpresa. It is a true guide to the beauty of our country, designed to involve followers in a digital cultural project that goes beyond the mere concept of the physical destination.
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In the video launching the project, Antonio Calabrò, Vice President of Assolombarda and President of Museimpresa, explains how "Nel tempo di una storia" was created, what the museums and archives of Italian companies convey and why Instagram was chosen for this initiative.

Browse pictures of the first museums and archives that hosted Simone Bramante and the “What Italy Is” team

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