Vito Forte Bread Museum was founded by Mr. Vito Forte (founder of the bakery company Oropan S.p.A.) to preserve and promote the ancient bakery of the Forte family as a place to share the history of Altamura bread and the deep bond that has always tied his person and his company to the bread and the city of Altamura.


Vito Forte Bread Museum offers the first bread museum experience in Puglia. It is located in Altamura, world-famous as “city of bread” for its century-old tradition in the art of bread making; the perfect place for such a museum.

The ancient bakery of the Forte family is located a few steps from the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Via Onorato Candiota, 2. It represents one of the oldest medieval bakeries in town where the young Vito Forte, 11 years old, began his adventure in the bakery business. With his bike he went throughout Altamura, from house to house, collecting home-kneaded bread by housewives to take it to the wood-burning oven where it was then baked. His dream will lead Vito Forte to become ambassador of the bread of Altamura and Made in Italy in the world.

Today the ancient bakery has been brought back to life, transforming it into a precious gem in which the “scent” of ancient time has survived over the centuries and it’s now enriched with multimedia contents to share the rich history of the bread of Altamura with the museum visitors. Through a multimedia and multi-sensory experience based on an exhibition design concept, we will guide our visitors in the history of bread and bread-making tradition of Altamura contextualizing it in the surrounding environment, in the landscape and architecture which are essential elements to fully appreciate this wonderful and fascinating story of bread.

Via Candiota, 2 - 70022 Altamura (Bari)
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