The Ricci Curbastro Museum was inaugurated in July 1986 and over the years continuously expanded by Gualberto Ricci Curbastro – one of the eleven founders of the Franciacorta Designation of Origin – and is a unique reality in Franciacorta which preserves thousands of objects that bear witness to the agricultural work of other times.

Over time the Museum expanded with the Ricci Curbastro Library, rich in over 4000 volumes of agricultural themes and local history, and the Ricci Curbastro Archive, thousands of documents from the seventeenth century to today of the Ricci Curbastro family and of their agricultural activities in Franciacorta and Romagna.

The exhibition unfolds over 800 square meters of four rooms built in the buildings designed by architect Antonio Tagliaferri in 1870, these are dedicated to viticulture and enology, to work with animals and to all the craft activities carried out in the farmhouse, and continues in the depths of the cellar where hundreds of thousands of Franciacorta bottles mature silently observed by oenological tools. The fourth room, in addition to exhibiting objects, hosts conferences and exhibitions and the tastings of Franciacorta which always close the visit so as to experience first-hand the combination of traditions and innovation that characterizes the company.

The Ricci Curbastro Museum organizes educational activities for children and students and the Library and Archives are equipped with a reading room for consulting the documentation that is in the process of being digitized.

Via Adro 37, 25031 Capriolo (BS)

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