The Mansutti Foundation was set up in Milan in 2004.

It is a cultural institution whose aim is to safeguard, exploit, and share its documentary heritage which consists of four collections: a library with more than 6000 ancient and modern volumes, a historical archive including 2700 ancient policies coming from all over the world and 200 insurance shares, a museum collection of graphic art containing more than 400 advertising posters, and approximately 900 fire-marks.

The common denominator is the history of insurance, which is widely documented from an economic, juridical, technical, and social point of view, from its origins to the present day.

This heritage is an important reference point for analysis and historical research in the field of insurance, thus giving fundamental support to experts.

The specificity of the material in the possession of the Mansutti Foundation gives it a prominent position among the public and private institutions dedicated to the history of insurance, which, as is well-known, had its roots in Italy, at the time of the great maritime Republics. The first insurance contract in history, which has come to us, was subscribed in Genoa in 1343.

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