The first traces of the Sella family’s entrepreneurial activity date back to the second half of the sixteenth century, in textiles, to which is added the farming activity in the mid-seventeenth century and the bank, founded by Gaudenzio Sella together with six brothers and cousins in 1886.
The Historical Archive of the Sella group, established in 2013 by its Chairman Maurizio Sella, preserves representative documents and assets of the long history of Banca Sella and the whole companies of the Group, which originated from it overtime. A history, led by four generations, constantly marked by innovation at the service of customers, which saw the Group be a pioneer in many sectors: from including Treasury Bonds in its asset management offer, to cash withdrawals; from performing the first online purchase of shares to the first e-commerce transactions in Europe, to the Fintech and open innovation ecosystems.
With its equivalent of about 450 linear meters of documentation, the Archive entails an Ancient Fund (from 1886 to 1937, related to the company Gaudenzio Sella & C.i) and a Banca Sella Fund (from 1937 onwards, when the bank became a joint-stock company). To this are added the archives of banks incorporated over time and of the other companies of the Group.
The Collection of Capital Goods or goods related to marketing activity, with about 1,300 objects, offers an impressive and peculiar overview of the bank’s activity over time. The facility – also including an exhibition hall – is rounded by a Photographic Archive and a Library of about 4,000 volumes, many of which were working tools for the bank over time.

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