The Birra Peroni Historical Archive and Museum occupy an area of over 500 square meters inside the current Birra Peroni Plant in Rome.

The Birra Peroni Historical Archive, declared of “public interest” by the Italian Ministry of Culture preserves the documentation produced by the company from the end of XIX century till current days. It includes funds from the plants in Bari, Naples, Livorno and Padua and from the companies acquired. A further nucleus of documentation covers the decades from 1960 to today, for a total of 500 linear meters.

In addition to the paper documentation, the history of the company is told by videos (1400 films deposited in the Archivio Nazionale del Cinema d’Impresa), photographs (10,000 images from around 1880 – today), packaging and materials for the point of sale, machinery and tools. A library of over 1,000 books completes the cultural offerings of the Birra Peroni Historical Archive.

In the Birra Peroni Museum the history and current events of the Company and its brands are represented, through objects, images, original documents and old movies, which show its deep connections with the history of Italian costume and society . The three sections that make up the museum correspond to the three key points of Birra Peroni’s success over the time: industrial history in its internal dimension and in relations with local communities; the history of the product and its consumption on the Italian market; advertising & communication from the early 1900s to the invention of the Peroni Blond testimonial and its subsequent evolution.




Archivio Storico e Museo Birra Peroni
Via Renato Birolli, 8
00155 Roma
Tel.   0622544.1

Access to the archive is allowed for research reasons.

Visits to the museum are possible for groups, on weekdays and by appointment.

Free entry.

Via Renato Birolli, 8 - 00155 Roma
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