Culture, sustainability and inclusion are values rooted in the DNA of the Würth Group, world leader in the distribution of professional products and systems for assembly and fastening.

The company’s cultural commitment is multifaceted and the Würth Collection – founded by Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth since the Seventies – is the most striking expression of this. To date, this collection includes approximately 20,000 works, mainly of contemporary art, reflecting, at an international level, a great variety of currents and genres. Since 1991 this heritage has been accessible thanks to the opening of 15 museums and spaces for temporary exhibitions in 10 European countries.

The Art Forum Würth Capena (RM), opened in 2006 at the headquarters of Würth S.r.l. carries out this mission in Italy.

Designed to be closely integrated into the corporate context and open to both internal collaborators and the external public, it aims to create a stimulating symbiosis between art and the world of work, as well as to improve the quality of life of employees and residents of the surrounding area.

The exhibitions are accompanied by various cultural activities which include guided tours, educational workshops and wide-ranging cultural events. Specific initiatives are also dedicated to Würth staff, with the aim of making the Art Forum live as a participatory space, a place of reflection, inspiration and creativity.


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