The Archivio Nazionale Cinema Impresa(CIAN) was settled in 2003 in Ivrea, as a branch department of Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Italian National Film Archive of Rome.

At present, the CIAN collection already consists of 82.000 reels.

CIAN’s mission is identification, cataloguing, conservation, preservation and valorization of industrial and advertisement films made by some important Italian compagnie.

The Archive carries forward an intense restoration and digitizing activity of these materials, recording economic and social history of twentieth century in Italy.

Industrial cinema, since 1930 to 1980, represented an important field of company strategy and produced a lot of documents. These films deal with several looks of business life: production, such as assembly line’s images, training films made for employers, and the relationship with consumers, made through advertising films. Industrial films even paid a specific attention on welfare that the company created for employers as: working men’s clubs, refectories, welfare works, kindergartens and holiday camps for employer’s children. This image heritage allows us to go over the evolution of industrial production, social relations, economy and, in more general terms, work world in Italy.


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