Osservatorio Monografie d’Impresa APS

The Observatory has its aim of conserving a particular form of testimony to bsiness activities that otherwise risks being lost. Over 1,300 volumes that enterprises and organisations have issued as instruments for communicating their institution are held in the Archive.

As part of their educational studies, students at the University of Verona work alongside the members of the Observatory in analysing, reviewing and cataloguing the business monographs that arrive in the Observatory, or that have been identified through a process of capillary research with Italian businesses. The catalogued works are then made available for consultation by students, communications professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Publications can be consulted in the library housed in the Polo Santa Marta campus of the University of Verona, or by accessing the descriptive details published in this section of the site of the Association.

The biennial ‘OMI Prize for the Best Business Monograph, which reached its 6th edition in 2022, forms the tip of the iceberg of the media work of the Observatory.  The prize, supported by institutional sponsors of note, and in collaboration with the principal associations of communications professionals, is the instrument through which the Observatory extolls the value of business narratives as an indispensable element in the dialogues between an enterprise and its stakeholderus.


The Osservatorio Monografie d’Impresa APS is located in Dipartimento di Economia Aziendale of Università di Verona, Polo Santa Marta (Cortile Ovest – Stanza S.8) Viale Cantarane 24 – 37129 Verona Tel. 045 802 8761
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