The Zordan Museum, representing a new type of corporate museum in the European business landscape, aims to depict what, for the company, is its own “future-proof” way of doing business.

This company museum represents a shift in the exhibition paradigm, focusing not so much on presenting iconic products but on the processes and design function of the company, its history intertwined with the local area, and ultimately on sustainability, a horizon and foundational value for this brand.

The narrative flow, which unfolds across three areas, illustrates three elements of the company’s development:

  1. Timeline: The intertwining of timelines narrates the development of the company and its strategies in a continuous relationship of shared values with the original territory.
  2. Wunderkammer: The “cabinet of wonders,” at the origin of the modern concept of a museum, aims to represent, in this case, through an immersive experience, how the company interprets its philosophy and values by incorporating them into its operational and strategic processes.
  3. Art for Sustainability: This is a temporary space created to address the theme of sustainability through the universal language of art. The exhibition, renewed biennially, delves into a different topic each time, which is the subject of the company’s study, represented through distinct artistic language. In this first edition, it fosters an intergenerational dialogue on climate change.

Address: via Attilio Zordan 1, Valdagno, 36078 VI
Phone: 0445 430945
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