The Museo della Chiave Bianchi 1770 is the company museum of Keyline S.p.A., an innovative company that designs and produces keys and mechanical and electronic key cutting machines. Keyline is a leading company in the technology of transponder car-keys. With the acquisition of Keyline S.p.A., the Bianchi Family decided to continue in its centuries-long traditional key business, started in 1770 by master locksmith Matteo Bianchi and passed on from gather to son until today.

The Museum holds one of the most large and complete private collections of keys in Europe and tells the story of the Bianchi Family. It is a true treasure-trove, holding almost two thousand items between keys, padlocks, locks and key cutting machines from all over the world and from several different historic eras, from the I century A.D. to the present day.

The ever-changing collection is witness of the technological evolution of the key over the centuries.

Keys of every type and size enhance the craftsmanship of the hands that produced them and describe the ancient anthropological need to keep safe goods and secrets.

Via Camillo Bianchi, 2 - 31015 Conegliano (TV)
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