Memory, tradition and evolution


The link with Sassuolo and its territory has never diminished since 1741: a relationship of mutual support, growth and passion, fully expressed at the Galleria Marca Corona, the Company Museum that captures and preserves the spirit of the place, which becomes the messenger of a unique story – in the district, in Italy and in the world.

The intention was to provide a prestigious testimony to the historical legacy of the Sassuolo ceramic factory, so that, as Federico Argnani, the first scholar of the collection, recalls, every customer could understand how present and past were combined in contemporary production through a solid entrepreneurial and artistic continuity “to better testify to the importance of the Sassuolo factory, giving it everlasting honour“.

The collection follows the temporal evolution of the Sassuolo factory from the mid XVIII century to the present day, passing from the tableware and furnishing objects of the early days, to plaques for road names and numbering, to decorated floor and wall tiles, ideal precursors of today’s industrial production.

The exhibition is defined by chronological order within which the importance of people, families, craftsmen and the evolution of styles is emphasised.

The enhancement of the area’s historical and industrial heritage continues thanks to the recent acquisition of one of the most important private collections of Sassuolo ceramics, the Villa Vigarani Guastalla collection, granted on deposit to the Este Galleries. The purchase of this significant collection and its inclusion within the spaces of the Palazzo Ducale, the Ducal Palace in Sassuolo, has made it possible to develop an ideal path between the Court and the Factory and provide a further piece to better understand the history of this important Italian district.

Via Emilia Romagna, 7 - 41049 Sassuolo (MO)
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