Since 2018, the Department of Communication and Social Research at Sapienza University of Rome promotes a specialist and research library dedicated to corporate culture and literature.

Company history books and many other genres of corporate and cultural monographs, published by both private and public organisations, are researched, collected, studied and valued as an expressive corporate and cultural heritage, testifying to one of the most prestigious and little known chapter along the Italian business and communication history.

The librarian fund participates in both the Sapienza and the National Library System, also available online, and can be consulted by appointment by scholars, students and external users at the Library of Social Research, Computer Science and Communication, within the Sala Rossa reading hall (via Salaria, 113 – Rome).

Company books are not only preserved, but valued by means of specific cultural, scientific and educational activities, coordinated by a team including Sapienza scholars, students and staff and promoted in partnership with private, public and non-profit organisations. In particular, thematic workshops, internships and documentary support are dedicated to Sapienza students attending several disciplines, as well as to professionals.

Research activities are carried out in parallel with a costant cultural dissemination toward a not only specialist audience. In particular, the books collected by the BiblHuB library foster a continuous production of insights and original contents, which are diffused through dedicated academic studies, dissertations and presentations, as well as on the web and major media platforms.

Not least the BiblHuB Sapienza project wants to experiment a new model of interaction between the academic system and the stakeholders: to this end, events and projects are promoted – according to the logic of an open “hub” – in partnership with external organizations and professionals.

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