Officina della Scrittura is an ambitious project, born from the idea of Dr. Cesare Verona, CEO of Aurora Penne and created by the Aurea Signa Cultural Association, created in 2004 to respond to the desire of defending, promoting and enhancing the culture of writing and of recovering the historical memory not only of a company, but of a territory and of a country.

In the shadow of the Abbey of San Giacomo di Stura, a very important Benedictine complex founded in 1146, an itinerary of over 2,500 square meters unwinds which tells the story of the birth and evolution of an extraordinary discovery, the written communication: from the first paintings and rock engravings, to typewriters, from the 13 iconic fountain pens of the 20th century (such as the Hastil and Thesi Aurora designed by Marco Zanuso in the 1970s and exhibited at the MoMA in New York), to the most contemporary forms of digital communication.

The museum is therefore a real citadel of knowledge, which not only preserves and enhances a heritage of great historical and cultural value but which promotes the practice of writing and signing through workshops, training activities, exhibitions, shows and dissemination events. The path and activities of Officina della Scrittura have a high educational value, helping to restore dignity and importance to the ancient crafts and proposing itself as a place of knowledge, recognition and approach of the manufacturing professions, true and proper productive excellence of the Italian territory.



Str. Da Bertolla all’Abbadia di Stura, 200 - 10156, Torino (TO)
Tel. 011.0343090
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