Located in the prestigious Bourbon del Monte Palace, Aboca Museum “Herbs and health over the centuries” is a one of a kind museum. The exhibition  recovers and passes on the millennia-old relationship between man and medicinal plants, both through the exposure of the sources of the past (precious herbal encyclopedias, pharmaceutical Botany books, glass objects and ceramics) and through the faithful reconstruction of the places where herbs were once worked.

The tour starts with the entrance to the Museum and its showcase in which the main historical-artistic findings are exposed. On the walls of the staircases, from the 1st to the 5th  floor of the Palace, a precious collection of botanical tables drawn from the herbals are exposed.

On the 1st floor the museum exhibition begins, deployed in nine rooms where historical-artistic findings  are exhibited or which reconstruct the ancient working environments of medicinal plants. The visitor is thus led into a fascinating journey into the past, where curiosity, anecdotes and natural scents are intertwined to tell the story of herbs over the centuries.

On the 4th floor there is the Bibliotheca Anthiqua, one of the most important collections in the world for its peculiarity with about 2500 antique printed volumes from the first treatises on the Simple, to the studies of the Pharmaceutical Botany; from the volumes of Alchemy to the Renaissance Pharmacopoeias, up to the nineteenth-century compendiums of Physics, Chemistry and Natural Sciences.

Palazzo Bourbon del MonteVia Niccolò Aggiunti, 75-52037 Sansepolcro (AR)

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