Preservation, innovation and creativity in the places of Italian business culture.


The second edition of this volume is an overview of the main Italian business archives and corporate museums which are open to the public throughout the country. It highlights and promotes interest in the cultural spaces that are directly linked to the economic activity of companies, districts or traditions in production with significant ties to the area (such as, the Historical Archives of Fiat, Olivetti, Pirelli, and Barilla or the Museums of Alfa Romeo, Ducati, Alessi, Borsalino, etc.), and which are an exemplary expression of Italian culture, ingenuity and hard work in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors. The descriptions of the museums are accompanied by suggestions of places of interest to visit in the vicinity. These suggestions, complete with practical information for the visit, add a welcome touch of tourism to the collection. In conclusion, the guide ends with a detailed list of Italian corporate museums, classified by product category.

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