Stories and discoveries Made in Italy

A unique guided tour through time and space to discover the treasures kept in the corporate museums and business archives of Italy. Stories of unparalleled inventions and simple and sophisticated objects that have changed our habits, revolutionized our customs, improved the quality of life of several generations and entered the national and international cultural imagination like priceless works of art.

The actors take the audience on a journey of the imagination that takes corporate museums and business archives into the theater and tells their story by giving a voice to objects, documents, patents, secret dreams and memorable discoveries from the past and present of Italian industry. Live music guides the audience through stories, visions and characters, telling the story of the country and the momentous changes in society that companies successfully harnessed or to which they contributed. On this journey, there is no room for half-empty spaces and dusty display cases. In the world of corporate museums and business archives, tradition goes hand in hand with innovation, conservation means reinvention and memory and technology are two sides of the same coin.

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