In the medieval Tower of Santa Maria, at Confindustria Udine, Vetrina dell’Ingegno has been open since December 2022. Vetrina dell’ingegno is an exhibition, training and educational center, which corresponds to the project of documentation and storytelling of companies/industrial heritage, examples of ingenuity and production specificities of the territory also in reference to its vocations and visions.

The documentation phase (grounded in archival and field research, with qualitative interviews and the filming of production activities) is followed by the systematization and the delivery of the contents to the public through the creation of a storytelling that relies on multiple languages and registers.

Vetrina dell’Ingegno hosts an exhibition itinerary divided into:

– a permanent section on the ground floor, where a timeline including texts, images, videos and objects presents the evolution over time of Friulian production activities and industrial associations

– a temporary, turnover exhibition, where each year a product sector becomes the protagonist. The exhibition currently underway is dedicated to Construction and Materials, which offers the “behind the scenes” of the Building sector activities, in both their technological and social aspects. The exhibition can be visited with free entry every Saturday from 3pm to 7pm as well as by reservation at other times.

In 2024, at the Vetrina dell’ingegno the focus will be on the Wood and Furniture industry, on which sector research work is currently in progress.

Largo Carlo Melzi, 2 - 33100 Udine

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