The Paper Museum is located in Pescia in Pietrabuona. The institution was born with the aim of preserving the ancient art of working “handmade paper” and for this reason, the museum has support the creation of the Impresa Sociale Magnani, which since 2018 produces handmade paper using the historical brand “Enrico Magnani Pescia”. In support of the Company there is also the Magnani Historical Archives, established to preserve the numerous historical documents of the economic activity of the Ancient Magnani Paper Mill and today represents a valuable tool to spread the knowledge of the Masters Paper and reconstruct the historical ties with much of the Italian and foreign industry of the XXVIII century at the end the XX century, with the aim to restore ancient collaborations. In the renewed “Cartiera Le Carte”, has 3 new exhibition rooms with multimedia stations, original equipment and machinery of the 1700’s and 1800’s that allow to organize laboratories, guided tours and practical demonstrations. At the moment the museum is divided between two locations in piazza della Croce 1, head office  and the School of Paper and in Via Mammianese Nord, n.229-231 site of the museum Le Carte Paper Mill e the Magnani Historical Archive. The Museum is also the promoter of the project the “Via della Carta in Tuscany”, a cultural and tourist itinerary in an area that has its roots in centuries of paper production and where was born and developed one of the most important paper districts in the world.

Piazza della Croce 1, 51017 Pescia – loc. Pietrabuona (PT)

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