The historical archive of Maccarese, contains the documentation of the Maccarese farm chronologically spanning from the mid-1920s to the 1990s. It occupies over 500 linear meters that include registers, notes, financial statements and articles of associations, minutes of meetings and meetings, photographs, technical drawings and floor plans, accounting and production ledgers, correspondence, staff roles and files.

It is an archive of great richness and complexity, interesting not only for the history of the business, the production and the agricultural work but also for the social and economic history of the territory and the community, that was born and developed around the company. The materials recount the business life of the farm and of the subsidiary and affiliate companies (including, for example the company “Società beni rustici crotonesi”), the production with control over the crops and the strategic choices connected to them and the development of the various production centers (for example the zootechnical center, the wine center and the garden center); the relationship with the staff (from internal migrations resulting from reclamation policies to trade union struggles) and the company management systems that have followed one another over the years, including the experimental mode in partnership; the relationship with the people of Maccarese and the creation of infrastructures and services for the community (the Carabinieri barracks, the school, the antimalarial colony, the cinema, the church); there are also many biographical elements of people, families and personalities who have built the history of the Maccarese farm and which weaved into the Italian history, economy and politics of the last century. From the archive also emerge other aspects of the company’s history, such as participation in congresses, fairs, exhibitions and conferences, educational visits made and received, all records that, only apparently less relevant, return an even richer and more articulated profile.

Castello di San Giorgio, Piazza della Pace 00054 località Maccarese Fiumicino (Roma)

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