The Farmigea Historical Archive, preserves and enhances the documents of the Company’s over 70 years of history. It also houses a library specializing in ophthalmic themes with Italian and international texts collected since the 1950s.

The archive preserves the company’s documents from the establishment to the most recent years, the construction and expansion projects of the facilities and the advertising material. Concerning medicinal products, the archive preserves samples, trademarks, Italian and foreign contracts, technical data sheets and all the annexed material. For research, the archive conserves the patents and all the documentation produced by the company in the past decades. Photographic and video material is also preserved as well as historical objects such as products and machinery.

The company library preserves monographs and collections of ophthalmic-themed journals acquired since the 1950s. The collection preserves all copies of the company journal ATO – Updates of Ophthalmological Therapy published by Farmigea from its establishment until the early 2000s. Besides, it preserves international scientific journals of ophthalmology. Access to the library and related services are available for scholars and researchers.

The Archive also deals with editorial activities and guarantees the use of the material to external scholars and researchers by providing them with suitable premises and support tools.

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