A history inside the history that finds its real and metaphorical origins in the wonderful Region of Calabria. A very interesting story, the Amarelli’s one, that started at the beginning of the XI century and continued during the centuries among crusades, literary commitment and agriculture in their large landed estates.

The galleries of the museum, through the exhibition of engravings, documents, old photographs but also agricultural equipment, daily objects and antique clothing witness the life of a family, strictly linked to  the roots of the plants that grow wild on the Ionian coast, becoming nowadays the stage for a unique museum in the world. The great space of “Concio” dates back to 1731 and conveys the idea of passing of time. During the guided tour you can discover the secrets of the production process, the roots bales ready to be processed, modern facilities for the extraction, the old cookers which thicken the black liquorice paste  and  the bronze wire drawing machines, to create the different liquorice shapes.

The production is still carried out through a natural process constantly immersed in the sweet liquorice scent that,   in the same way of the museum fascinates everyone, adults and children.

The chimney, a well-lighted structure marked with the initials of Baron Nicola Amarelli, impressively towers from the “Concio” ’s roof: it is the background of the panoramic terrace where you can admire the “Museo Open Air”, containing a really unique exhibit of ancient industrial instruments.

An  unknown adventure experienced by visitors who got carried by the reality of a prosperous past and an excellent current product,  which can  be enjoyed at the end of tour in the Liquorice  Shop and Museum Café. The  liquorice takes on different  tastes  and shapes, from the natural stick of root to the pure black liquorice,  from flavoured liquorice with  mint and anise, to the sugarcoated one and the gummy  with anise, orange, lemon and violet.

Finally the Auditorium “Alessandro Amarelli” big space with with more than a hundred seats , has always been an integral part of the eighteenth-century factory  is now  the beating heart of the cultural life and the events of the Museum. There are guided tours  in different languages and an unforgettable experience awaits you at the Liquorice Museum ” Giorgio Amarelli.”

Contrada Amarelli - Strada Statale 106, 87067 Rossano (CS)

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