A tour of the historic Riva shipyard in Sarnico is an immersive, emotional experience to a place that expresses a unique, intriguing dual nature, between the elegance of the famous “mahogany ladies” and the magnetic beauty of the new Rivas that seem to come from the future.

It starts with an evocative screening of many films featuring a Riva yacht, starting with “Mambo” from 1954 right up to the present day, through 52 movies, with “Tenet”.

The journey then continues in the historical gallery where speedboats are on display that were made in the first half of the 20th century by Serafino Riva, as well as mahogany leisure craft, made in the second half of the 20th century by his son Carlo, which changed the history of yachting forever, earning a place among legends.

From here you move on to the production lines, where 8 to 20-metre motorboats are made and where you can admire Riva’s typical craftsmanship and expertise. The grand finale, which will stay in your heart and mind, is the tour of the legendary Master Bridge, which was Carlo Riva’s office for many years, a sheer masterpiece of architecture and design, suspended over Lake Iseo like a ship’s bow.

This tour is reserved by booking for groups of at least 25 people and up to a maximum of 40

Via Predore, 30, 24067 - Sarnico (BG)
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