Fondazione Dalmine was created by TenarisDalmine in 1999 to promote industrial culture, by recognising the importance of a company that has roots in the area that go back over a century, and which has now become an integral part of a global company, Tenaris.

The aim of Fondazione Dalmine is to:

– maintain the company archive and make it accessible and available using digital technology

– carry out and promote study and research on industrial, labour, economic and social history

– disseminate industrial history and culture through

  • exhibitions, events, guided tours of the archive and the industrial town of Dalmine
  • seminars, meetings, conferences, presentations

– introducing younger generations to industrial culture, making it part of the school education system

– show the contribution of industry, in the past and in the present, to people’s culture, both locally and as part of a larger, global community.

Fondazione Dalmine promotes industrial culture by aiming at a “community” in the widest sense: at a local level, to the generations of people who have worked at the company, to the families who have experienced whether directly or indirectly the link with the industry and with its welfare system, to the inhabitants of the town of Dalmine, a model 20th-century company town, built by the company around its production facilities. Beyond the local level, at researchers, at the world of historical research, but – and most of all – at visitors and people who to different degrees are interested in understanding change in society viewed through the economic, social and cultural transformations that industry has brought, and which it brings when it sets down deep roots in a place.

Piazza Caduti VI luglio 1944, 124044 Dalmine (BG)
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