Fondazione AEM was established on June 27th, 2007; it promotes public interests and social solidarity and aims at safeguarding and enhancing, in the Lombardy region, the history and corporate culture of AEM – the historic energy utility of the City of Milan. The Foundation’s objectives include supporting scientific research and implementing innovative technology in the field of energy and network services, that have always characterised AEM’s business. Another relevant activity of the Foundation is its engagement in protecting, conserving and leveraging on the historic, architectural and cultural assets of AEM – including for instance the company’s historic archives, photographic and filmic archives, and arts collection, by promoting and disseminating their knowledge.

Fondazione AEM is headquartered at the Casa dell’Energia e dell’Ambiente, a communication and education facility dedicated to energy, open to citizens of all ages and featuring specific student programmes.

Casa dell’Energia e dell'AmbientePiazza Po, 3 - 20144 Milano
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