Dersut Coffee Museum, unique of its kind for its variety of prices and for the accuracy of the educational and historic path, offers to the visitor a trip from the plant to the cup, in the history of coffee, to discover the whole chain of espresso

Dersut created and fulfilled, near the company headquarters, the Coffee Museum, inaugurated on the 9th October 2010. The Museum itself is the proof of the history of a sector business and of a beautiful town. It is structured in two floors, divided into four sections and finishes with a room where people can have a coffee-tasting and where the company arranges classes for the operators training. The first stop-over is dedicated to the coffee plant, with an air-conditioned green house, to follow the history of roasting, with a very rich presentation of the roasting systems. The itinerary continues, on the upper floor, with a fine exhibition of grinders and finishes with a stop-over dedicated to the cafeteria and coffee machine history. Here you can see many antiques examples of coffee makers and coffee machines, starting from the first column steam ones.

The company organizes free guided visits, only on reservation, espresso coffee tasting and training courses for baristas and business operators.

Inside the museum there is the first roasting machine , which dates back to the 50’s, but also many manual and electric-meccanic mini roasters (from the end of the 800’s). In the section dedicated to the grinding history there are many models of grinders from the 700’s. These models come from all over the world and they were destined to houses, groceries and bars. In the coffee extraction section there are precious coffee makers of various origins and many machines for bars as evidence of the espresso coffee- instant prepared coffee history, from its birth (with column steam machines) until the continuous dispensing coffee machines, moving through the patent of the ones with lever
or piston. Inside the Museum, to complete the exposition, there are many documents and pictures of the historic company archive and a library with different publications and coffee magazines.

Via Tiziano Vecellio, 2 31015 Conegliano (TV)

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