The Centro per la cultura d’impresa (Centre for Corporate Culture) is a private law non-profit association founded in October 1991 by Milan Chamber of Commerce and recognized by the Ministry of the Cultural Heritage and Activities with ministerial decree 05/11/1997, no. 258.

The Centre promotes: the preservation and promotion of the documentary heritage of its members as an organizational and cultural resource; the establishment of local business archives containing contain the memory of businesses and entrepreneurial associations; the creation of business museums in collaboration with the businesses themselves; the analysis of corporate culture and reflection on the role of businesses at a local level through the publication of studies and research; the establishment of an audiovisual and photographic archive devoted to entrepreneurial activity (the audio, video and photographic testimony of entrepreneurs, technicians, workers, professionals and business people).

The Centre has a broad and transversal knowledge of the various business archives and museums, having conducted the Analyses of business archives in Lombardy (about 1000 companies). The Centre published the Corporate Archiving Manual (P. Carucci and M. Messina – Carocci editore 1998) and the Manual of museology for corporate museums (Massimo Negri – Rubbettino editore 2003). The association preserves some company archives, including Carlo Erba, A.L. Colombo, Caproni and the photographic archives of Roberto Zabban (with images of Lambretta / Innocenti, Snia Viscosa, Necchi etc.) and Montecatini/Edison.

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