Casa Zegna hosts exhibitions on the history of the Zegna Group embracing both the entrepreneurial heritage and the philanthropic activity. The origins of the Wool Mill, the evolution in the brand and style, the Panoramica road project and Oasi Zegna are narrated in exhibitions through historical items and documents, thematic researches and images by acclaimed photographers.

The historical archive, opened to researchers since 2007, contains a collection of precious fabric samples, documents, photos, videos and various other testimonies from over a hundred years of industrial history of the Group.

Permanent Exhibition “From Sheep to Shop”

Zegna Group has over a century of history. The company was founded in Trivero in 1910 by Ermenegildo, an enlightened entrepreneur convinced that business, ethics and aesthetics can work together. The exhibition tells the story of a family business that’s been perpetuating this vision for four generations. Constantly focused on excellence and in full control of the entire chain, from farms to boutiques, passing through over 500 hands.  On the Brand’s 110 years anniversary, archive records, fabrics and visual documentation find new expression in the renewed exhibition display.

Via Marconi, 23 - 13835 Trivero (BI)
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