The Bracco Historical Archive was founded in 1998 by the Bracco family. It aims to foster and disseminate scientific culture through the recovery, conservation and promotion of the Company’s values, innovations and history, which began in 1927.

In 2007, the Soprintendenza Archivistica of the Lombardy Region recognised the “considerable historical interest” of the Archive, as it recontructs the path “of the Italian – and most notably Milanese – pharmaceutical industry” through the Company’s 90 years of history.

Prominent documents of great importance showcase the development of the industry and the Country’s scientific and cultural life, from the first medicines produced to the innovative means of contrast, the Company’s core business. The Archive also includes valuable photographic and audiovisual documentation that testifies to the numerous cultural and social initiatives carried out by the Group and the Bracco Foundation, which have always been committed to corporate social responsibility.

Three libraries contribute to the Company’s goal of disseminating culture. In addition to the technical-scientific library, created in the 1950s as a training tool for employees, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, Bracco enshrines a corporate library and the extraordinary Salata Library, specialised in the history of the Italian Risorgimento and Irredentism and belonging to Senator Francesco Salata.

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