The Bosch Rexroth Italia Historical Archive is a project born in 2022, arising from the need to preserve and enhance the 70 years of history of a company deeply linked to the Italian industrial development. Founded in 1954 in Milan as Ruhrital, which became Rexroth Ruhrital in 1971, then Rexroth and, since 2001, Bosch Rexroth, the company has always embodied the ability to engineer the state of the art of technology into concrete industrial projects. This vocation for innovation is the distinctive trait of Rexroth, and the mission of the Bosch Rexroth Italia Historical Archive is to enhance it, preserve it and share it, both internally and externally.

The Archive collects and preserves, in addition to paper documentation, projects, products, videos and photographs that testify to the role played by the company in Italian industrial development. Leader in the hydraulic sector worldwide, Rexroth has supported numerous companies in the realization of innovative projects, building over time an extensive network with the main brands of the Italian industry.


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