Essenza is an immersive journey into the world of Amaro Lucano through five different thematic areas (Lucania, Lucano, Amaro, History and Pacchiana) that retrace the history of the company and take the visitor through an unforgettable multi-sensory experience.

Amaro Lucano was born in Pisticci, a short distance away from Matera, in 1894, from the herbalist passion of its creator, the pastry chef Pasquale Vena.

An essence of more than 30 aromatic herbs that has been telling for more than 125 years a story made of customs and traditions, art and culture. The story of bitter and its land, Lucania.

In the Lucano Essenza you can live back history, touch it and taste it: start with the aromatic courtyard garden, where the 30 Lucano herbs can be seen, touched and smelled.

Walk through the interactive technological museum, among the famous advertising campaigns and the stories of the Amaro Lucano traditional characters. The Amaro Lucano history unravels along the alleys of Essenza, from the tradition of ancient walnut presses in motion up to new cultural and sensory experimentations.

Viale Cav. Pasquale Vena - 75015 Pisticci Scalo (MT)
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