Inside the school there is a museum, the reorganization of which is nearing completion; a substantial part has been cataloged by the Biellesi Archive Network Centre. But all the interiors of the building are a museum: the chemistry classroom, the rooms with their original furnishings, the large wardrobe in the main corridor on the ground floor which houses a conspicuous and unique collection of glass jars with samples of raw materials. Various objects are kept, instruments used in laboratories of general and industrial physics, natural sciences, chemistry and merchandise, and textile technology; in the museum located near the library, there are the two working looms, the machinery and tools purchased by the school itself or donated by local entrepreneurs, such as Zegna, to provide

students receive a solid, adequate and in many cases cutting-edge preparation; there is no shortage of works of art, a rich library, valuable collections relating to textile technology, economics, legal subjects, merchandise and trade. From 1931 to 1951 a meteorological observatory operated dependent on the Central Observatory of Meteorology and Climatology of Rome for the study of the relationships between environment and industry which published a daily bulletin. All accompanied by a beautiful photographic collection preserved in the institute but digitized and visible in Biella at the Spazio e Cultura of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation.

Via Antonio Gramsci, 22, 13900 Biella BI

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