“La Galleria. Collezione e Archivio Storico” (The Gallery. Art collection and Historical Archive) is the cultural project promoted by BPER Banca. The project was born in 2017 thanks to the awareness of the great importance of the collections stratified over the past decades – ancient paintings from the Emilia Romagna area, Abruzzo and Campania – including  great masterpieces. The art collection is joined by the extraordinary cultural heritage of the Historical Archive which represents the more complete tool to understand the story of the bank and its territory.

Conservation, protection and study are the aims that BPER Banca has decided to pursue through a more organic and orderly management of the immense cultural heritage owned by the banking group.

“La Galleria. Collezione e Archivio Storico” of BPER Banca is not only a museum, but a place of lively cultural exchange, capable of combining different instances of representation and cultural promotion of a heritage that is an excellence in the field of the Italian corporate collections.

Via Scudari 9, 41121 Modena

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